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Fenwick Island, Delaware: Where to Eat During Your Beach Weekend at Fenwick

Beach getaway in your future? I didn't grow up in the DC area, so I never thought about Delaware as a hotspot for good beach towns. But, as time has gone on, Delaware beaches have become a sought after getaway for me. Only a couple hours away from the DMV and full of some good sun- Fenwick Island is an easy drive to the water and a refreshing escape. Here is a list of some go-to spots if you are taking a long beach weekend in Fenwick Island...

Grab and Go Taco

Grab and Go Taco is an excellent spot to walk to if you are on your way to or from the beach. Their tacos are the perfect, easy and refreshing bite you need on a hot summer day, and they have multiple options for everyone to try. We grabbed a couple each and brought them onto the beach with us to enjoy in the sunshine. Don't skimp on their sauce, by the way!

Pictured: Shrimp Taco, Steak Taco

Seaside Country Store

What is a good beach trip without some sweet and salty snacks? Seaside Country Store is your classic, local knick-knack shop. It is full of beachy (maybe tacky? I will let you be the judge) souvenirs that you love to see during a weekend getaway. We stopped in multiple times because the first floor is full of gummies, candies, fudge, and salty snacks-- most of which are made in-house. It is perfect for a sunny trip snack!

What We Ate: Candies, Treats

Vanderwendes Creamery

Love this spot! There are a couple of locations, scattered all around Delaware. It is extremely local, you can even visit and grab some ice cream at the actual farm and meet the cows! Luckily, they also have an easily accessible location just minutes from the beach. Every time I have been to Fenwick, I have enjoyed an ice cream or milkshake here (or two or three). Plus, nothing is better than an afternoon ice cream cone to take a break from the sun!

Pictured: Coffee Milkshake

Nantucket Restaurant

We explored a couple of options when looking for a good spot to enjoy some fresh seafood, and landed upon Nantucket Restaurant. They have a great seaside interior vibe and some delicious dinner options. I grabbed a soft shell crab BLT, and it was exactly what I wanted while on the beach in Delaware. A great spot if you want to clean up a little bit and enjoy a dinner out.

Pictured: Fresh Soft Shell Crab BLT

Twilleys Willys Hotdogs

Another personal favorite, Twilleys Willys is a great lunchtime stop while in the area. They have a huge menu of different hotdog choices, all loaded and delicious. I still dream about “The Baltimore” dog pictured above - a hot dog topped with fresh crab, mac n cheese, and old bay. What more could a girl want? Definitely an easy and affordable stop. And so, so delicious.

Pictured: The Baltimore (Hot Dog topped Lump Maryland Crab, Mac n Cheese, & Old Bay)

Fenwick Ice Co.

We had already started our drive home from the beach one year when we spotted the Fenwick Ice Company truck parked in a lot. How could we say no to some delicious shaved ice? This is a great little stop if you want a refreshing treat on a hot beach day. They have a ton of flavors and their portions are huge. Definitely sent us back to our childhood summer days.

Any other suggestions? Let us know!

Photos by Emi Lungmus & Anna McCarthy

Written by Emi Lungmus

Editing by Anna McCarthy


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