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Honolulu County, Hawaii: Coffee Shops I Loved

Hawaii is well known for its coffee beans, and for good reason! When visiting Hawaii, I highly recommend exploring some cute coffee shops and trying some fresh Kona beans. Although I only got four stops in on my last trip, all of them provided excellent coffee with fresh Hawaiian flavors. I hope to continue to add to the list, but for now, here are a few of my favorites...

Island Vintage Coffee

Island Vintage Coffee was our favorite in Waikiki. We tried Hawaiian lattes that had me returning multiple times. I had heard great things about this coffee shop (and it’s joint wine bar that we also ate at one night), so we walked there on our first day to grab some coffee / beat the jet lag. Their menu was full of drinks with local Hawaiian flavors. My favorite was the frappuccino drink with the local macadamia and coconut from the island. Not to mention the local honey, which I stocked up on to bring home and enjoy. Highly recommend trying their restaurant, as well!

Arvo Cafe

One of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes on the island, Avro Cafe is also considered one of Honolulus best coffee shops. After exploring the local food market, we wandered over to enjoy delicious lattes. Located right next to some great restaurants, this is a good stop after lunch! Warning, there’s only outdoor seating, so I wouldn’t visit during the seasonal afternoon rain!

Honolulu Coffee

Honolulu Coffee can be found around the island, with delicious beans and a reliable menu. The most “chain” like of the cafes mentioned, but a great stop if you want to have local beans while exploring the area. Whether it’s on the main strip of Waikiki, downtown Honolulu, or across the island where you are catching waves, Honolulu Coffee is a great stop for some coffee with local flair.

Kona Coffee Purveyors

Probably the highest quality coffee on the list, this is a great stop for the coffee purists. Kona grows some of the best coffee beans in the country, so Kona Coffee Purveyors small batch coffees really hit the spot. Also quite aesthetically pleasing, I recommend this for those who want to sit and enjoy some conversation with big windows and a light, fresh atmosphere. If you want to bring some authentic (and delicious) coffee beans home for friends and family, this would be the spot to grab some. That said, with quality comes a price!

Any other local favorites? Let me know!

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