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FREE Food & Travel Journal PDF

If you're anything like me, you love to save a few travel memories.

Whether that be photos, knick-knacks, artwork -- every trip, I come home with something. One thing I absolutely love to do is keep a little travel journal, so I can look back at fun adventures and sweet memories. Especially food memories. Everywhere I go, I track where I ate, what I ate there, and when. It is a fun way to remember what I've already tried during my trip, while having a lasting list and details of each food-filled experience. Never again do I have to say, “and I tried it at that little restaurant...what was the name of that restaurant again?”

That got me to thinking- why not share a few food templates so that you guys can do the same? I created one general template, perfect for any city or country you may be traveling to. Then, just for fun, I included three country-specific PDF’s for some of my favorite food spots (with some recommendations included).

Below, I have included each as a PDF. You can go ahead and download each one, print out the first page and as many of pages two - four that you see fit for your trip. A small tip: make sure to print it in “landscape” mode, with 2-sided booklet formatting. That way, it will print out just like a small book that you can cut down to the perfect travel size. It is such a fun, easy, and cost-effective way to journal about your adventurous, food-filled, travel experiences!

FREE & DOWNLOADABLE General Template:

General Food Diary
Download PDF • 25KB

FREE & DOWNLOADABLE City - Specific Template:

Tokyo Food Diary
Download PDF • 749KB
Cape Town Food Diary
Download PDF • 43KB
Greece Food Diary
Download PDF • 34KB

Enjoy your journaling (and eating)!


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