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What Clothing to Pack: Style Guides & Suggestions

Confession: One of my biggest stressors when traveling is what to pack. I plan my day-by-day outfits WEEKS in advance (not even joking, it's embarrassing) and pack and repack dozens of times until the day of my trip.

Why is that?

1. I am pretty big on the “one carry-on” lifestyle. I hate waiting for bags after a long flight and losing my bags is such a hassle (especially if you're traveling somewhere new with multiple layovers). It’s just easier to have it all in one small bag that is with me at all times, and I don't need too much to be happy for a trip. So, I refine my packing list multiple times to whittle down my suitcase to the true essentials.

2. It is important to recognize that the social expectations around clothing changes from location to location and you need to be respectful of that. For example in Korea, it is polite to always cover your shoulders (no matter how hot it is), but you can pretty much show as much leg as you want. A little different than most places in the U.S., right? Showing that respect, even as a foreigner, is important. In addition, there are holy sights that are gorgeous (and must-see) spots around the world that will not let you inside if your knees and shoulders aren’t covered. For example in Italy, gorgeous Cathedrals will not let you in if you're not dressed appropriately.

Do your research and pack accordingly!

3. For me, it's nice to blend in a little. I don’t need someone to look at me and immediately pinpoint me as a foreigner. Not only can this be dangerous, it can prevent you from truly blending in and absorbing the city for how it authentically is. Sure, in some countries you’ll stick out no matter what you wear. Dressing like the locals, even then, can help you tremendously.

I have put together some style guides from my travel around the world, to help you plan your packing in the future. Colors, styles, and general aesthetic.

My Style Guides

Select a city/country below:

Australia: Sydney

Japan: Tokyo

New Zealand: Auckland / Queenstown

South Africa: Cape Town

As I add guides, I will update this post.

That way, you can always refer back to it as a library of fashion inspiration!

Amazon Suggestions

I have also created lists on Amazon with some of my favorite things to pack for my trips. There is a whole section for “Travel Fashion,” but I also have lists/suggestions for carry-ons, electronics, beauty, and more.

Happy traveling!


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