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Northern Virginia: Winery Tour

October is Virginia Wine month- one of my favorite times of year in Virginia!

Here is a short list of some of my favorites wineries in Northern Virginia, to enjoy some delicious fall wines…

Stone Tower Winery

For a Weekend Date

Stone Tower Winery is a favorite in the area, and for good reason. They have tons of land, multiple buildings to enjoy food and wine tastings, and plenty of seats.

We always love the beautiful views of the vineyards and water (the first photo is also from this winery)- which is why it's considered such a popular wedding venue! They also have some great wines, I know multiple friends that order monthly wine boxes from Stone Tower straight to their apartments in DC. This vineyard is a wonderful visit if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon. But beware, it’s such a great spot that you might find it's a little crowded on the weekends!

Three Fox Winery

For Those with Furry Friends

This is my favorite spot to bring the dogs!

Almost everyone there has a dog along with them, and we sipped wine while they all played together. One thing I love about this winery is that there are multiple tables located within the vineyard itself. Most wineries close off the growing area to keep the grapes safe, so this felt unique and fun. Your party can enjoy some privacy within the grapes, with some delicious wine and cheese plates. Plus, there are a ton of open fields to play cornhole and run around! One of my personal favorites.

Paradise Springs Winery

For a Nice Indoor Space

This is the perfect winery to visit if you're looking for some good indoor spaces. They have a smaller property, but plenty of indoor and outdoor areas to enjoy. The interior and deck house barrels and a deep wood aesthetic- so gorgeous! They have another location in California, where they grow additional grapes, so if you love California reds, this might be right up your alley.

Bull Run Winery

For a DC Experience

Bull Run Winery is the perfect stop if you want to visit a historical DC area and do some touring. They grew their vineyard right next to Manassas National Battlefield Park, where the Battle of Bull Run occurred. They even dug up some Civil War relics when planting the vines! There are ton of picnic tables, making it a fun spot to stop by after touring around historical Manassas.

Barrel Oak Winery and Family Taphouse

For the Family

When I was looking for a good winery to bring my entire family to (7 people and 2 dogs), I was recommended Barrel Oak Winery. I wanted a spot that had a lot of open space, was good for big groups, wasn’t going to be overwhelmingly crowded, and had some food options. It definitely delivered. They have TONS of space, even on an extremely busy graduation weekend, we found a table to enjoy food and drinks. There isn’t much privacy and it gets pretty crowded, but this place was built for family visits. They have a variety of foods and drinks for everyone to enjoy, too.

Little Washington Winery and Skyline Brewing

For a Beautiful Stop in Shenandoah

My sister and I went to Shenandoah National Park for the weekend and thought it would be fun to visit a brewery or winery off of the beautiful Skyline Drive. We found the perfect spot! It is a small but beautiful winery that also grows hops on property, making it a great stop for those who like to enjoy both wine and beer. One of their whites won best in state a few years back, and I grabbed a bottle to enjoy at home! Highly recommend for anyone eager to enjoy some fall foliage and beautiful views.

8 Chains North Winery

For an Intimate Experience

This is a romantic, smaller winery. 8 Chains North is popular for weddings, with great views of the vineyard and space to enjoy fresh air. We visited during a wine tour and everyone there was so friendly and welcoming.

868 Estate Vineyards

For a Group

868 Estate Vineyards has a ton of open property and multiple buildings. This is where I would go if I wanted a fun winery with a group of friends. They sell wines, wine slushies, charcuterie boards, and a list of delicious foods. We rolled up with over 25 people, and they easily accommodated us (they even gave us a private tent to enjoy!). If you are looking to bring a group of friends or visit during a tour, this is an excellent winery to add to the list!

Any more suggestions? Let me know!


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