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Sydney, Australia: 8 Food Stops During Your Long Weekend in Sydney

Sydney is a huge and bustling city, full of diversity and beauty. Not only are the people gorgeous, the beaches and harbour will take your breath away. We spent a long weekend layover in Sydney on our way home from New Zealand, and I’m already eagerly planning a longer trip. If you find yourself there for a few days, definitely plan on some good food and drink while you soak up the sun and gorgeous opera house views.

Below are some food stops for your Sydney bucket list...

1. Eat Seafood on the Harbour

Sydney is the perfect place to chow down on some fresh seafood. The harbour is lined with tables full of people grabbing drinks and eating away. All of the restaurants will serve some dishes with fresh seafood in them, so take advantage of that! You know I made sure to get my fill of oysters and various local shellfish.

P.S. I had some of the best oysters I’ve ever eaten at The Morrison Oyster Bar & Restaurant near the wharf. Make a reservation!

2. Grab a Meat Pie as You Explore the CBD

Another classic, make sure to grab a few meat pies as a snack or casual meal while you’re in town. Meat pies are exactly what they sound like, delicious little personal pies stuffed with meats, cheeses, and veggies of different varieties. Most bakeries and cafes have some options to grab and go, so maybe try a few flavors and find your favorite (I always go for the meat & cheese options). We didn’t get the chance to try it, but I hear Harry's Café de Wheels is a great stop to taste some delicious pies, with a few locations around the city!

3. Try Some Local Game on the Beaches

Local game is always a fun thing to try when you’re in a new country, and Sydney might have a few fresher options than Outback Steakhouse. Some common suggestions are kangaroo, crocodile, ostrich, and steak. I always recommend doing some research before eating anything, to make sure you are ethically eating local game! If you’re looking to try some kangaroo, I highly suggest grabbing a kangaroo burger at Moo Gourmet Burgers. There are two locations, one at Manly Beach and one at Bondi Beach, making it the perfect place to take a break from surfing and sunning.

(Manly Beach & the local ferry ride)

4. Taste Some Asian Food in the Small Shops Around the City

Another cuisine that thrives in Sydney is Asian, due to Asia's proximity to Australia and the amount of migration from one continent to the other. There are tons of Asian restaurants hidden all over the city; walking around, it’s impossible not to see a few dozen. I could not recommend Din Tai Fung enough - a restaurant that is now located in a few counties around the world with famous xiao long bao (also known as soup dumplings). We purchased multiple baskets of buns, xiao long bao, and spicy dumplings. Heaven.

5. Sample Some Desserts

Of course, you have to try some local desserts when you’re in town.

First, the famous Tim Tam cookies. These can be found at any convenience store or market around the city. They are essentially two chocolate-dipped wafer cookies with a bit of chocolate filling, but now there are a ton of varieties and flavors. Make sure to grab some as a small snack! You’ll see them everywhere.

Another local dessert is Pavlova. This is essentially a meringue-topped cake with whipped filling, and sometimes different fruits and sauces. I don’t love meringue and still found this dessert delicious and refreshing to have after a meal.

(The Royal Botanic Garden)

6. Refuel with Coffee

Refueling will absolutely be necessary, and welcomed, as you wander around the waterfront and beyond. The coffee shop culture in Sydney is huge, and the coffee is delicious. Try to check out some cute coffee shops with a view, or grab some to go and wander into the The Royal Botanic Garden.

7. Wake Up with a Proper Australian Breakfast

Avocado smash, Vegemite, & sausage, to name a few.

Avocado Smash: Avocado smash, also known as avocado toast, is essentially toast with a spread of avocado, tomatoes, and other garnishes. If you love some guacamole, this might be right up your alley. Avocado on bread and not chips? Trust me, it's a delicious and healthy way to start your day of exploring.

Vegemite: Proceed with caution. Vegemite is an extremely acquired taste, and very few non-aussies eat it with enjoyment. But in Australia, it can be found at most breakfasts. When you add it to your toast, be extremely sparing, as it isn't the same as peanut butter or jelly spread (seriously, the amount on the slice pictured above left is enough to be spread on the whole slice, if not less). A simple dusting will do. People sometimes add some butter too. It is a fun thing to try when you're in the area, especially if you love some adventurous taste-testing and want something new and local!

Sausage: A classic, and exactly what it sounds like. Sausage for breakfast is a great choice if you like some protein with your meal. Have a little sausage sizzle before making your way downtown.

8. Relax with Some Australian Wine & Drinks

Last but not least, drinks. Another wonderful mid-day option is Australian wine. There are some great wines to try, grown in different areas around the country. I was told, if you have a spare afternoon, Orange wine region offers some of the best white wines you’ll try in New South Wales. If you love visiting wineries, make sure to check out the area and maybe take a day tour.

If you're not a wine person, we also tried some great cocktails! Eau de Vie was a fun cocktail bar that we spent some time at, with a wildly creative menu and wonderful vibe.

Any suggestions? Let us know!

Written & Photographed by Emi Lungmus

Edited by Anna McCarthy


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