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Washington, DC: 14 Spots to Eat on 14th Street

Whenever someone is visiting DC for the first time (or the first time in a long time), I always suggest grabbing a meal on 14th Street. It is full of delicious restaurants and bars - at all price ranges - and is always bustling and lively like you want on a night out. Below are 14 spots (warning: some may be temporarily closed due to the pandemic) to swing by if you're strolling down 14th, starting south and moving north...

1. Slipstream

A great stop for some coffee and a light meal, Slipstream is a popular cafe that has both outdoor and indoor space to share a drink.

What I recommend: Espresso Tonic, Smoked Salmon Toast

2. ChurchKey

I can be pretty picky about bars- I really love a dark wooden bar that you can sit and relax at with friends. ChurchKey is located on the second floor off of the street, and has a great vibe. You can sit and enjoy a beer or drink, making it the perfect date spot to enjoy a conversation and relax after dinner.

3. Birch & Barley

Birch and Barley is a great date spot, in my opinion. They are some delicious dishes and their indoor space is dark, wooden, and romantic. I highly recommend getting their gnocchi! It is one of their most popular dishes.

4. Jinya

Jinya is the perfect choice if you're looking for some amazing ramen. It is both affordable and delicious, making it a great spot for a dinner with a friend or a date. Many say its the best ramen in DC- I will let you decide for yourself.

5. Le Diplomate

Tried and true. This restaurant, after years and years, is still a spot that is recommended by most Washingtonians when asked about great food in the city. If you love wine, this is the perfect spot for you. It is designed like a Parisian cafe - outdoor sidewalk seating and all - and their food is always delicious. Expect to see some politicians and “DC celebs.” Try their classic steak frites and their to-die-for mac appetizer.

6. Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

Come here if you like a crowded, lively bar with good vibes and drinks. I personally love standing around a bar with friends, and some nights, it's nice to feel a little crowded while you people watch. They have a great indoor/outdoor feel, with a wall that opens and allows you to buy the drinks while hanging out on the sidewalk area. It is a small space and quite popular, so expect it to be a little packed depending on the time of day.

7. Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar is still one of the busiest and bouncing spots on 14th Street. You can grab a table or stay at the bar- either way expect delicious shareable dishes for the table and good wine. Barcelona Wine Bar is loud and full, so I don’t suggest it if you want an evening of quiet conversation to yourself. If it is warm, try to snag a spot outside on the front patio. And try as many tapas as possible!

What should I try? Spicy Squid, Patatas Bravas, Jamón & Manchego Croquettes, Bacon-Wrapped Dates

8. Cork Wine Bar & Market

Definitely a personal favorite. I love a good wine bar, and Cork does it right. Expect mostly old world options here - if you love some French or Italian wine, this is a great choice. They also have some delicious food. We usually grab and enjoy a flight, order some fries once we start to get a little hungry, and then consider a glass more. PS it is also Black owned and operated!

9. Ted’s Bulletin

A DC staple, Ted’s Bulletin is often a top suggestion for out-of-towners. Although I think it is a little hyped up, it is definitely a fun spot to enjoy if family is in town (or if you want a family restaurant). They have some great options. P.S. if you are looking for a breakfast spot, they are known for their delicious homemade poptarts!

10. Compass Rose

9 times out of 10, when I tell DCers about my blog, they ask if I have visited Compass Rose. For any foodie in DC, this is a spot worth visiting. Compass Rose is known for its small dishes that highlight food from all over the world. For example, we opted for the “Tour of the World” tasting menu, which consisted of a kebab platter from Tunisia, a shrimp dish from Malaysia, Khachapuri from Georgia, and a “Spice Bag” from Ireland. P.S. Their playlist is amazing, and for that reason, I don't recommend coming if you want to have some quiet, deep conversation.

11. Gypsy Kitchen

The aesthetic! This spot feels new to me, probably because of the pandemic. But, it has been thriving for quite some time. They have delicious, beautiful spreads that made us order more and more as each dish came out. Plus, the decor of this place is spot on. Relaxed, but beautiful. Highly recommend trying to sit upstairs on the open deck!

12. Bresca

This is a small Michelin starred restaurant that fills up quickly, with a friendly, young waitstaff. If you are looking for a fun, fresh menu and beautiful display, make sure to visit Bresca. The Tomato and Burrata dish was one of the best I have tried. In addition, even if you aren’t a big drinker, I highly suggest trying a cocktail here. They are creative, sweet, and so delicious.

13. The Wydown

Although Wydown is small, it is often full and bustling. As a common meet up spot to grab a drink on 14th street, it can be hard to find a seat depending on the time of day. Wydown is great if you are looking for a simple but good coffee and some conversation. Don’t come expecting to get work done or a quiet space for reading, as Wydown truly functions as a meet up spot.

14. Seven Reasons

Rated number one restaurant in DC in 2020, Seven Reasons is extremely creative and delicious. Like Barcelona Wine Bar and Le Diplomate, I highly highly recommend making a reservation far in advance if you want to snag a spot here. I visited pretty quickly after it opened and was immediately extremely impressed by their dishes. So flavorful, so creative. Definitely recommend it!

What is your favorite 14th Street restaurant? Let me know!


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