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Washington, DC: Visiting Your Local Food Markets

It is about that time of year again! Time to get some fresh air, enjoy some food trucks, and indulge in some local fruits and vegetables. Something that I have adored about DC since moving here is their implementation of food markets all over the city. As someone who works in central downtown, I can easily walk to a surrounding market for lunch time. On the weekends, it is shockingly easy to walk to a pop-up market anywhere in the DMV area to enjoy some breakfast and fresh produce. Where are some places you should explore this market-loving season?

Below are some ideas...


The FRESHFARM Markets around DC are one of my favorite aspects of market season. Everyday, FRESHFARM moves to another location in the city, and sets up tent after tent filled with different pop-up restaurants, fresh produce, and delicious snacks. This is typically where I buy some fresh salsas, apples, flowers, and other produce. Oh, and Timber Pizza Co. when they bring their portable pizza oven around. They also have pop-ups around Maryland and Virginia!

Check out the calendar for all their locations/times:

Eastern Market

Eastern Market is a classic DC stop if you're anywhere in Capitol Hill (or the city). It is a wonderful thing to do on the weekend when you want to get some fresh air and fresh produce. I always suggest this to out-of-town visitors. Many vendors let you taste-test while you walk around looking at all of the goodies and foods. In the fall, you can enjoy some local ciders, in the spring, you can smell all the fresh bouquets. They also have antiques and clothes!

Union Market

It’s easy to love Union Market. This is also a spot that I typically suggest to out-of-town visitors. Union Market is great if you want to enjoy some lunch outside with friends, with the opportunity to let everyone purchase different foods from different delicious food stalls. Inside, there are permanent food stalls from a myriad of different restaurants, all located in one large market building. There is also a ton of seating outside, so it is super easy to grab a bite and find some picnic tables to sit at together. It is a great thing to do with a group of friends on a Saturday!

Any other spots you love? Let me know!


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