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April Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die,

by Mimi Sheraton

Why I recommend this book...

If you regularly follow my account, it is likely clear why I love this book. Basically, it features exactly what I try to feature. Every time I travel somewhere new, I do extensive research about the local cuisine and what authentic dishes I can taste while visiting the country/region. Mimi Sheraton had the same idea in mind. If you love to explore through eating, this is a great book to add to your collection. Broken up by region, she goes through classic dishes and foods to try whenever you are visiting a new city, country, or area. I use this as a resource whenever I am about to travel, and a fun little checkbook of foods to try before I die.

Buy 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die by Mimi Sheraton:

2. Old Line Aged Caribbean Rum

from Baltimore, MD

Why I suggest Old Line Spirits...

I love to buy local spirits. The other day, I was at Costco in Washington, DC and entered the aisle of endless spirits and cocktail mixers. One thing I love about Costco is that often, they supply local goods. Here, I stumbled upon Old Line, a spirits manufacturer that is located in Baltimore, Maryland. If you like local too, I highly recommend this dark rum. They also have tons of other spirits that deliver. Enjoy!

Check Out Old Line's Instagram here: @oldlinespirits

3. @foodloversdiary & Body Positivity

Why I suggest Food Lovers Diary @foodloversdiary...

I have been following Food Lovers Diary for as long as I can remember. Not only is she an excellent cook with amazing recipes, she is consistently featuring her thoughts on different political, social, and "hot topics," as some would say.

One thing I love about her page (as a food blogger) is her stance on body positivity. Often, I get the question, "how do you eat so much and stay thin?" I get it. It is a big (and difficult) part of our culture. The truth is, I eat what I enjoy. I eat what I want. I try to listen to my body and eat accordingly. Hence, my blog title, "Meat on Her Bones." Food should bring you happiness, not dread.

On Food Lovers Diary, she has a whole Story Highlight that goes through her thoughts on eating and exercise. To summarize, she believes that these two things can bring you joy separately, without relying on each other. You shouldn't work out TO be able to eat. Eating shouldn't be a reward for working out. All that follows is a sense of dread and obligation surrounding them both, instead of the possible joy you can have eating and exercising. I encourage you to follow her and watch her "Body Positivity" highlight!

Check Out Food Lovers Diary's Instagram here: @foodloversdiary

Watch her body positivity highlight here:

4. Lucky Danger,

Restaurant in Washington, DC

Why I love Lucky Danger...

Why do I love Lucky Danger?

You may have seen some hoopla surrounding this pop-up and it's for good reason. We loved our experience taking out some delicious food from this spot (yes, they are only doing take-out and delivery). They have some spot-on dishes!

What we ate: Set 1 Variety (Crab Rangoon, Chinese Greens with Garlic, Cashew Chicken, Orange Beef, Salt and Pepper Fish, Duck Fried Rice), and Pan Seared Dumplings

Okay - but here is the key to getting your hands on some of this food. They only offer take-out and operate through Tock (a reservation platform). Every morning, they open up time slots for that night, and you can order what you want to pick up or have delivered. They sell out FAST, so make sure to be ready right when the reservation slots open. A few Saturdays ago, I logged on to grab a pick-up time slot at 10am, and they were sold out by 10:05am. But, it's worth it!

Find them on Instagram @_luckydanger

5. The Daily, NYT News Podcast

Why I love The Daily...

I don't know about you, but this year the news has grown exhausting for me. That being said, I believe it's extremely important to stay involved and informed. I have continued to read articles that suggest limiting your news intake to specific resources you trust, to avoid being inundated and overwhelmed.

Part of my daily ritual is listening to The Daily New York Times podcast on my walks. It allows me to get 30-40 mins of news surrounding the hottest topic of the day, so that I stay informed and have thorough understanding of current events. Highly recommend!

Explore episodes here:

Listen to them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & Stitcher


Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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