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July/August Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. Halara Dresses

Why I love Halara dresses...

Feelin' hot, hot, hot. This summer, things have been steaming up. People are back outside, enjoying the freedom that comes with a vaccine, and enjoying fresh air. I don't know about your city, but DC has hit multiple 90 degree weekends. Like me, you may have stumbled upon Halara through an Instagram or TikTok ad. I don't always trust the ads I'm served, but these dresses with built in biker shorts and breathable material seemed like the perfect everyday wear to enjoy the sunshine with friends.

Trust these ads! Trust Halara!

They are soft, breathable, and come is so many colors. I cant wait to bring them on my trip to Honolulu this summer!

Browse all Halara dresses here:

Find them on Instagram @thehalara

2. Dagne Dover Card Case

Why I suggest my Dagne Dover Card Case...

I love, love Dagne Dover. My sister originally introduced me and since, I have fallen. They have great products like weekender bags, totes, and laptop cases. During COVID, I realized that I only wanted to carry around a few cards when I left the house and when saw this card case on Dagne Dovers site, it seemed like the perfect purchase. I was a little worried it would only fit 2 or 3 cards, but to my surprise, it can fit many more. Sometimes I only bring a few, sometimes I fit more like 5 - 7. It has become my everyday wallet that I throw in my purse or just my pocket.

Plus, the ash blue color is gorgeous!

Buy the Dagne Dover wallet here:

Check out all of Dagne Dover's products here:

Find them on Instagram @dagnedover

3. Zola's Coconut Water Espresso Drink

Why I love Zola's Coconut Water Espresso Drink...

Again, hellloooo summer. Okay, hear me out: you wake up, you are dehydrated from the sun and fun with friends BUT you need some coffee. Zola is the perfect morning drink for you. I keep at least three of them in my fridge at a time. They are perfect when you are dehydrated and need a hydrating coconut drink with some espresso to wake you up a bit. I almost always have one of these in place of my afternoon or morning coffee when I am about to fly. It is a lifesaver! And, as my partner says, tastes similar to chocolate milk (such a win, right?).

or at your local Safeway

Check Out Zola's Instagram here: @livezolaus

4. Mapiful

Why I love Mapiful...

I love a good map. They are pretty, they are sentimental, they are great conversation pieces. I may go a little overboard (I currently have 4 hanging in my home), but trust me when I say Mapiful does a gorgeous job of helping you design the perfect map for your home.

I recently moved to a new apartment and purchased a huge map to put above my bed. Any guesses as to what city it is?

Seoul. A personal favorite of mine.

This map reminds me of the time I lived in Korea, all of the delicious food I ate, all the amazing friends I made, all of the hustle and bustle. It is the perfect addition!

You get to select a city, the colors, the style, what it says - EVERYTHING!

Browse some Mapiful maps here:

Check Out Mapiful's Instagram here: @mapiful

5. Mr. Wish, Virginia

Why I love Mr. Wish...

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wish (a Pennsylvania company) opened a new location in Eden Center, Virginia! It is a great bubble tea spot full of fruit teas, boba, smoothies, and more.

We grabbed a Honey Lemon Green Tea, Avocado Smoothie (which I LOVED), Peach Sunset, and Lychee & Passionfruit Sparkling Boba.

It was the perfect refreshing stop during our hot day.

Definitely give them a visit!

Find them on Instagram @mrwishedencenter

Enjoy your summer!

Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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