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March Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. CBD Tea by Hemp Division

Why I love CBD Tea...

Okay okay, I know a lot of people are hesitant about CBD. I hear you! But I have been recommended CBD creams for my muscles, CBD droplets for restful sleep, and CBD gummies for taking the anxiety edge off during COVID- ALL from doctors.

Myth debunk- there is NOT marijuana/THC in these products. They are healthy and legal, and so many people are loving them these days.

One of my favorite finds this past year is CBD tea. I absolutely love tea, and Hemp Division makes multiple versions for you to enjoy. I opted for the calming chamomile to enjoy at the end of the day and relax before it’s time for bed. I also drink some in the morning when I wake up and just feel -off- and anxious. Tea has always helped me calm my mood, but CBD tea has really helped during this past year.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to learn to read your bodily signs, listen to your body, and take care of your mental and physical health during these months!

I say it because I love you guys!

A bit more about Hemp Division...

"In 2018, brothers Michael and Paul Harney embarked on a mission: create an all-new, extraordinary fusion of fine tea and premium CBD. Fueled by their 30+ years of combined tea experience, they decided to do it from the roots up and worked with hemp farmers to plant 7000 hemp plants on the Harney & Sons headquarters in Millerton, NY forming their new sister company: The Hemp Division."

Browse all Hemp Division Products here:

Find them on Instagram @thehempdivision

2. Districtly Local Site, @districtlylocal

Why I suggest @districtlylocal...

This past February, I became known of an awesome page and website that is excellent if you’re a DC local looking to support small businesses. This site highlights small business owners around the DMV that are creating some excellent goods!

I am so impressed by how easy they make the process of browsing and purchasing. The site is broken down in a way that helps you search through countless small businesses for everything from clothing, to home decor, to beauty and wellness products. All local to the DMV area! Their Instagram page is so easy to navigate and look around for fun things to add to your home and life.

Support small businesses!

Purchase one of a kind goods!

What an excellent idea, I love it!

Check Out Districtly Local's Instagram here: @districtlylocal

Check out Districtly Local's Website here:

3. On the Rocks Drink Set

Why I suggest On the Rocks...

Okay- another drink option, but a little different than mentioned above.

One thing that I really really love to do is go to a cocktail bar and order some fun specialty drinks. To be honest, these outings with my partner have been something that I’ve missed the most during this past year.

It’s not always cheap or easy getting all the specialty ingredients for the one or two fun cocktails to make at home. And if you’re like me (ehem, currently furloughed) it’s not monetarily responsible. BUT- enter On the Rocks. They make affordable cocktails that you can buy pre-made in a bottle to enjoy. At Costco, my mom and I found a gift set of 6 smaller bottles. Each one was the perfect size for us to split! There is pineapple margs, old fashions, mai tais- all premade and honestly delicious. This saves me tons of money and is such a fun way to have a cocktail on the weekends at home!

Check Out On the Rocks Instagram here: @otrcocktails

Order some On the Rocks here:

4. Croissant & Co.,

Venice, Florida Cafe

Why I love Croissant & Co...

I cannot hype this spot up enough. Located right on the main drag of the gorgeous historic district of Venice, Croissant & Co. is the perfect breakfast spot. I was so impressed by their fresh breads and pastries!

I grabbed a “French Brie,” which was warmed brie cheese, prosciutto, and tomato, all on a fresh flaky croissant roll. It tasted so good and I thought about it so much that I actually stopped by the next weekend to grab another. Honestly, this might be my favorite spot in all of Venice! It is must-visit and dear god you have to grab yourself a croissant sandwich.

Pictured: French Brie Sandwich, Chocolate Croissant, Apricot Croissant, Cherry Croissant, Iced Coffee

Find them on Instagram @croissantandcovenice

5. Bespoke Post

Why I love Bespoke...

For Christmas this year, my dad had the fun idea of gifting my sister and I a box subscription of our choosing. SUCH a great gift idea that I highly recommend for anyone unsure of what they should get.

But, what box would I go with?

I was looking at a couple and kept thinking, “I don’t need a box full of a bunch of small things, most of which I already have.”

My sister quickly brought up Bespoke Post. I know, I know, you might be thinking, “isn’t that the famous one for men?” I’m going to stop you right there.

  1. There are plenty of things I want that are “for men.” Booo gender norms.

  2. I love that you pick ONE nice big item each month, instead of a bunch of small things that you don’t really want or need.

So far, I’ve gotten two shipments. One was a gorgeous glassware set, the second one was health & care products that retailed at $200 dollars! And to be clear- the box only cost $45. I mean, what a savings! Next month I’m thinking of getting their set of high quality cooking knives. But I can’t wait to see all the fun options they release! They have 10+ options for you each month, so you can personalize what you get!

Gentleman AND ladies- this is an excellent box subscription.

It’s so fun to receive a new gift each month!

Explore all boxes here:

Find them on Instagram @bespokepost


Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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