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May/June Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. The Bouqs Company

for Mother’s Day, Graduations, & Birthdays

Why I love The Bouq's Co...

There is almost nothing I love more than receiving flowers as a gift. Or, even as a gift to myself. They brighten up my home and day to see them slowly bloom. I love plants, but my home is really filling up, and it’s great to have something more temporary to brighten up the home and change out depending on the season.

One down side - it’s pretty easy to grab a bouquet that doesn’t open, dies within days, or is low quality for their high, high price.

Bouqs is a company that my sister introduced me to that I have completely fallen in love with. All of their bouquets are deliverable, SUCH high quality, and absolutely gorgeous. I use this company for thank you’s, holiday gifts for family members, and more. PLUS, they even have a subscription service where you can have fresh flowers delivered to your door every few weeks.

Great for Mother’s Day, graduations, and summer celebrations coming up!

Browse all the Bouquets here:

Find them on Instagram @thebouqsco

2. Silvon Masks

Why I suggest Silvon masks...

Maskne is a real thing, and has been an absolute struggle for me. Even though masks restrictions are loosening up, it’s imperative to keep in mind the communities who have not had access to vaccines, and even thought YOU might be vaccinated, we have to keep others in our community safe as well.

There are still ongoing mandates for indoor spaces, planes, etc. In addition, work places are starting to bring people back into the office, while still requiring a mask. Knowing that I was going to try to start traveling again, AND it’s starting to really warm up again (no complaints here- I love the warmth), I decided to invest in some masks that would benefit my skin.

Enter: Silvon. Silvon is make with materials that prevent bacteria build up and keep your face clean and fresh, even after 8hrs of wearing it. I’ve been so happy with these masks. Silvon initially grew as a company because of its bacteria free, fresh sheets. I loved the masks so much, I’m actually investing in some Silvon pillow cases as well!

Buy Silvon's masks here:

Check out all of Silvon's products here:

Find them on Instagram @silvon

3. For Five Coffee Roasters

Why I love For Five Coffee Roasters...

Spread the word: chicken boa buns at For Five are amazing (and gorgeously plated).

We stopped by For Five Coffee Roasters for some brunch and coffee and were so pleased by their options. This isn’t your everyday cafe- it’s FULL of creative dishes, drinks, and pastries!

What we ate: Okonomiyaki, Breakfast Sandwich,

Korean Chicken Bao Buns, The Manhasset

From For Five Coffee Roasters site...

"Our passion is perfect, freshly roasted coffee. Our business is sharing that with you.

Each distinct For Five roast represents the diversity and vibrancy of the very city we call home.

Sourced from the world’s most coveted coffee producers, we roast each bean with the utmost precision and care at our very own facility in the heart of Queens, New York.

Here’s to being in your cup, no matter where you are.

From the Five Boroughs.

For the World."

Check Out For Five Coffee Roaster's Instagram here: @forfive

4. A Day Trip to Occoquan

Why I love Occoquan...

I had never heard about this area until my sister invited me to follow along on a day trip here. And, as a lover of small towns in America, this trip was a total treat (and surprise!).

First we traveled to the Occoquan Regional Park where we hiked (walked?) a loop in their well kept forest, and enjoyed some fresh pine air. It’s shady, has a perfect running trail, and is excellent for kids and dogs. It was a leisurely stroll through an easy nature path, and so worth the visit. They also have a riverside cafe, a historical brick making structure, a suffragette monument, and fields for baseball and outdoor activities. You can even rent kayaks & boats here to float down the river on a sunny afternoon.

We then made our way into town where we explored a gorgeous, adorable, artistic hub of a historic downtown. Artisans have opened up shops where you can explore wood spinners, rug makers, candle shops, and pottery shops as you walk down the street to the Historic Mill Park. I grabbed a coffee at a local shop- everyone was so kind and personable.

We finished the day by enjoying some drinks and appetizers along the water at Madigan's Waterfront's Tiki Bar.

Another thing I love about this community- they converted the old prison into an artist community space, where people can live and have private studios. It’s amazing to see small American towns truly love their community enough to invest in their local spaces and create something new, while maintaining its historical roots.

One of my favorite small towns I’ve visited- highly highly recommend taking this day trip.

5. Paradise Springs Winery, Virginia

Why I love Paradise Springs Winery...

Looking to visit some Virginia Wineries?

Make sure Paradise Springs Winery is at the top of your list.

We enjoyed a fun First Class Flight and a bottle while enjoying some sunshine. They also have a permanent Paradise Springs food truck on property, where we grabbed a delicious meaty flatbread to enjoy. A great spot for a spring/summer afternoon!

I will be posting a blog with some of my favorite Virginia wineries soon! Keep an eye out!

Explore their site here:

Find them on Instagram @paradisespringswinery


Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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