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August 2020 Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. Winc Wine Subscription

Why I Recommend Winc...

• No strings attached wine subscription, shipped right to your door monthly (heeellllooo to everyone avoiding more time at the supermarket/wine shop)

• Take the tasting quiz and they’ll recommend the perfect wines for you - WITH recommended food pairings

• Feel free to skip a month WHENEVER (but why would we ever want to do that?)

• MOST IMPORTANTLY: Meat on Her Bones was built on the idea that community is built by sharing food, drinks, and conversation. Partnering with companies that helps us do that during COVID times safely is the goal!

Use the link above for $22 off your first order & $0 shipping until August 6!


Find them on Instagram @winc

2. Explorer in You Podcast

Why I Recommend "Explorer in You"...

Explorer in You is a new podcast by host Kristin Quiroz Bayona.

Kristen is a wonderful traveler "wholeheartedly committed to teaching aspiring world-travelers and explorers how to make their passion for travel a reality."

She has some excellent guests that share travel thoughts and recommendations for anyone who loves and aspires to travel more. The first episode about travel wellness with @_traveljewels_ is amazing! Last month, I did an episodes addressing food & travel and had an amazing time!

Download and give a listen, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, PodBean, and Stitcher

Find her on Instagram @explorerinyou

3. Stronger Clothing

Discount Code for August 11 & 12 only! Use "meatonherbones20"

Why I Recommend Stronger...

"We have always been fascinated by strong women. Women are changing the world by following their hearts, living their dreams.” Mission at Stronger

What makes you feel strong? For me, travel.

Moving around the world independently has always given me life. Exploring new places, tasting new foods, occasionally getting lost on the subway - all these things have built (and continue to build) me into the woman I am today.

I love finding companies to suggest to you guys that I know you can trust and love, and will make you happier explorers.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the Swedish company Stronger with you. A company that lifts up womxn and has some perfect travel pieces for you to get your hands on. Every time I gear up for a long haul flight, long car drive, beautiful hike, I can rely on this company to give me lasting, comfortable, breathable clothes to travel in.

Discount Code for August 11 & 12 only! Use meatonherbones20 at checkout!

Find them on Instagram @stronger

4. Baan Siam, DC Restaurant

Why I Recommend Baan Siam...

We visited this new restaurant in DC a few weekends ago and loved it!

They did such a wonderful job of keeping us feeling safe during COVID as we enjoyed our meal and drinks outside.

A bit about Baan Siam...

"Formerly known as Baan Thai, Baan Siam opened on the corner of 4th and I Streets NW in 2020.  After a fantastic run on 14th Street, Chef Jeeraporn ''P' Boom" Poksupthong and her team decided that time had come to upgrade to a bigger space with a better kitchen. Chef P' Boom grew up in Thailand, learning to cook from her mother and grandmother. In her early 20s she started cooking professionally as the managing Chef in several five-star hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya. She immigrated to the US in 2006. ​Not your typical menu, we offer harder-to-find Thai dishes. This is the food experience you stumbled upon in Thailand and continue to crave for upon your return to the U.S."

Explore the menu here:

Make reservations here:

Want to order to enjoy at home? Order here: Toast Tab

Find them on Instagram @baansiamdc

5. The Catch Face Masks

Why I Recommend The Catch face masks...

These are stylish, comfortable face masks that you can wear during your next adventure, protest, or simple trip to the store. Support this gorgeous and Black-owned business by the amazing traveler Jessica Nabongo of @thecatchmeifyoucan (one of my favorite travel accounts!)

A bit about The Catch...

"The Catch is a luxury lifestyle brand and product line curated by Jessica Nabongo and is inspired by the world’s 195 countries that she has explored throughout her journey of becoming the first documented black woman to travel to every country in the world. The Catch is a socially conscious brand for that jet-setter that is on the move who wants to evoke style and sophistication as they reach their destination or for the person who just wants to bring a piece of the world home!"

Purchase the masks here:

Explore all of their merchandise here:

Find them on Instagram @thisisthecatch


Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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