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Disney World's EPCOT, Orlando, Florida: Eating & Drinking Around the World

Since I was a child, my family has been traveling to Disney World. Almost obsessively. And although it may sound corny, I attribute a lot of my love of traveling to EPCOT. It is one of the parks in Disney World that hosts 11 large pavilions, interactive restaurants, and shops that represent different countries around the world. Pavilion by pavilion, you can explore architecture that might traditionally be found in that country, shops that are selling country-specific items, and “Cast Members” (staff members at Disney) that are originally from that country. It is such a wonderful concept for families that want to show their children different cultures, regardless of whether or not they have the means to travel there themselves. Below, I will go country by country and list some highlights!

Mexico Pavilion

You can move clockwise or counterclockwise around the circle of countries, and although my family typically travels counterclockwise (don’t ask me why), I am going to take you clockwise on the more typical route.

First stop: Mexico. Mexico hosts a great restaurant located around a Mayan Pyramid. If you know your family loves some good Mexican food, this is definitely a great option for dinner. If not, we still always stop and grab a nice margarita for the road!

Pictured: Queso Fundido, Combinación Mexicana

Norway Pavilion

Since the explosion of Frozen, Norway has been completely transformed. Still adorable though, if not more so. If you have a child that loves some princesses, this is definitely the stop. Not only do they have an Anna and Elsa Meet-and-Greet, they also host a delicious dinner with all of the princesses. Food-wise, this isn’t much of a hot-spot. Experience-wise, it's good fun. What I might suggest is visiting Kringla Bakeri og Kafe for some Norwegian treats like the Lefses, “thin potato bread rolled with cinnamon, sugar, & butter filling,” and Kringla

Pictured: Chocolate Norwegian Kringla

China Pavilion

China, on the other hand, is definitely a hot spot for food. This pavilion is a wonderful stop if you want to grab some dumplings and delicious drinks. My favorite drink, a ginger vodka drink, is right outside at the country cart. They host two restaurants: the quick service cafe, Lotus Blossom Cafe, and the sit down dining, Nine Dragons Restaurant. Definitely grab a snack here while you watch some amazing street performances in the main pavilion area. And head to the back to explore the goodies and treats in the market!

Pictured: Pork & Vegetable Egg Rolls, Mixed Drinks, Chimes Ginger Chews

Germany Pavilion

Another place my family always grabs a snack. Don’t pass Germany without going to grab a huge fresh pretzel and beer (or two) from the outdoor food areas. We always love stopping here. As far as dinner goes, Germany has a less formal, but absolutely fun, style. Share your long table with other groups of families that surround a stage of performers as they play oompah and dance. This is a buffet-style restaurant, so make sure you have a family that can move around and stick together as you load your plate and listen to festive live music.

Pictured: Bratwurst, Pretzel, Caramel Desserts

Italy Pavilion

Another great dinner spot to stop, if you know your family will always enjoy some good Italian food. Like some other pavilions, Italy hosts a casual and a formal restaurant. What I suggest is visiting the delicious chocolate shop and trying a variety of candies while you watch the famous mime that has performed there for what feels like my whole life. Don't forget the gelato!

Pictured: Mixed Drinks, Italian Chocolate, Espresso

United States Pavilion

Listen, this pavilion had to be included and we all know it. But, I might suggest just grabbing a beer, maybe watching some live music, and moving on to the next country!

Pictured: Popcorn, Turkey Leg Stand, Funnel Cake

Japan Pavilion

My favorite pavilion. Not only is the gift shop in Japan the best of the bunch, the restaurant is definitely as well. There are two main restaurants in Japan, one that is traditional and one that sits you around a large grill with a chef that feeds you right at your counter. If you are able, definitely make a dinner reservation at Teppan Edo around the open grills, hibachi-style. We love this pavilion in my family. The whole meal is entertaining and delicious. Another fun aspect - at the back of the gift shop, you can have a fun saké tasting. Definitely wander to the back and snag a sip or two!

Pictured Above: Saké Tasting, Sushi Roll, Sushi Donut, Japanese Snacks

Pictured Below: Beef & Shrimp Combo, Calamari, & Saké Tasting

Morocco Pavilion

And now my second favorite pavilion. Personally, I may skip the snack and drinks here. But, absolutely explore the weaving streets of the pavilion and see if the sit-down restaurant menu is something your family might consider! It is such a unique and new experience; you get to sit down, enjoy some different foods (no fear, remember, every pavilion also has a typical children's menu as well) and watch some belly dancing! This restaurant is absolutely gorgeous, and a great choice if you want an experience that is hard to find anywhere else in the US!

Pictured: Spiced Beef, Alcoholic Slushies

France Pavilion

France is a perfect place to grab dinner if you and your partner want to plan for a romantic night out during your trip. I absolutely love the glassed-in section at Les Chefs de France, giving you a gorgeous view of the whole pavilion and firework show if you plan your reservations accordingly. This is an excellent spot to grab some wine and steak frites! BUT if you want to go fully formal, France also has a delicious formal restaurant that is only open for dinner, Monsieur Paul. It’s just about as upscale as you can get at Disney. Finally, if you just want to pop by, plan to visit Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie or L'Artisan des Glaces for some sweets and cheeses!

Pictured: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, Mixed Drink, Gratin de Macaroni, Steak Frites

United Kingdom Pavilion

My family always stops at the Rose and Crown Dining Room for a pint of beer during our time at Epcot. The interior transports you to England, as if you were in a wooden, authentic pub. Definitely grab a drink and relax in the sun at this spot, you can skip the bangers & mash. The fish & chips on the other hand...

Pictured: Fish & Chips, English Beer, Tea, Treats

Canada Pavilion

Finally, Canada. Because the steakhouse is a little more intimate than the other pavilions, it can be more difficult to get a reservation here. But, if you love a good steak, this is the spot to enjoy some brews and meat! Plus, there’s some fun outdoor entertainment if you hit this pavilion at the correct time!

PS. I have never tried it, but I hear the cheddar cheese soup is to die for!

Pictured: Canadian Beer, La Cellier #5 Batch Ketchup Chips, Maple Syrup

Have a Magical Time!

What other parks are you visiting on your trip?

Any suggestions? Let us know!

Written by Emi Lungmus

Photographed by Emi Lungmus, Karl Lungmus, Anna McCarthy Edited by Anna McCarthy


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