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Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida: Where to Eat Around Magic Kingdom

Since I was a child, my family has been traveling to Disney World. Almost obsessively. From the time I was in my mother's stomach, we have visited almost every year. If you're going to Disney World, chances are you are going to stop at Magic Kingdom, the first and most iconic park. Magic Kingdom has multiple different “lands” or areas that are themed and you can easily walk between them. There is the classic Main Street, U.S.A. (with Cinderella's Castle), Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. And in each of the different themed areas, there are tons of different food stops and treats that match!

Here's a yummy list of my favorite restaurants and treats when enjoying the magic of Magic Kingdom...

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Located on Main Street, U.S.A.

About 20 years ago, we made our way into this family-style restaurant for dinner for the first time. Italian waiters greeted us and brought us to our table, where we enjoyed pastas, pizzas, and air conditioning. Midway through, a waiter tripped and spilled a huge marinara dish. It (barely) splattered on our shoes, but within a minute, all the waiters and management were over at our table apologizing. Within ten minutes, a waiter had already left the restaurant, grabbed socks from a nearby Main Street gift store, and brought them to us at our table. Until recently, we have continued to visit this spot every year as a part of our Disney trip. We certainly reminisce about it every time we pass it. Although the restaurant has changed a bit, I would say this is the most family-friendly, laid back (but still sit-down) restaurant in all of Magic Kingdom. In addition, it is located right next to the entrance/exit, making it the perfect restaurant to end the night at if you have small kids (for a quick getaway!)

What I recommend: Fried Mozzarella, Tony's Pizza Pie, Tiramisù

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Located on Main Street, U.S.A.

Located right on the fun entry street into Magic Kingdom, this is the perfect spot to stop at if you want a little ice cream break with a view of Cinderella’s Castle. The line is always a little long, but it's worth it. Plus, right outside is comfortable shaded seating and multiple grassy areas to rest and relax your feet.

What I recommend: All-American Sundae, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, or a healthier option -- Fat-free and No Sugar Added Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl

Aloha Isle

Located in Adventureland

I am confident when I say that Aloha Isle has the most famous and “cult-classic” desserts/snacks in all of Disney World: the Pineapple Dole Whip soft serve. Aloha Isle was repurposed to serve this delicious dessert after the original venue (a small window just meters away) continually created such a long line that many entered it thinking it was a line to see a character or ride. This delicious dessert is exactly what it sounds like -- a swirled combo of pineapple and vanilla dole whip. A perfect, chilled, unique treat that many have tried to replicate but few can. Definitely worth a stop if you love to try original and cool Disney treats!

What I recommend: Pineapple & Vanilla Dole Whip Cup Swirl

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Located in Frontierland

This is another location that my family visits every year. The truth is, when we visit we like to sit down and splurge on dinner, but for lunch, we want something easy and simple. Pecos Bills is a quick-service restaurant (you simply wait in line and order at the counter) that always delivers on its food. They have tacos, nachos, burgers, salads, all with a little Southwest twist. I love their Southwest salads and lettuce wrap tacos. A great lunchtime spot with the perfect view of the famous Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain!

What I Recommend: Pork Carnitas Nachos, a healthier option of Southwest Salad with Chicken or Lettuce Wrap Tacos, Churros with Chocolate Dipper

Tortuga Tavern

Located in Frontierland

Another great casual spot to grab a brisket sandwich, hot dog, OR - a personal favorite, and famous at Disney - a ginormous turkey leg. You might see people walking around with these (and crack up at the sight) and this is the spot to grab one of your own. This is another stop that initially started as a cart in Frontierland but then grew so wildly popular (because of the famous ginormous turkey leg) they needed to find a more crowd-friendly way to allow a line to form. Yum.

What I recommend: Do I even need to say it? The Turkey Leg with Chips

Liberty Tree Tavern

Located in Liberty Square

This is a great stop if you want to enjoy some hearty food and a few good drinks. Liberty Tree Tavern is a set menu (one veggie and one non-veggie), where you pay one set price (around $40) and receive three pre-planned all-you-can-eat courses/platters. You will be served meats, potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, desserts, and more. It’s full of great American classics that the whole family can enjoy! Be prepared to fill up at this cozy, wooden sit-down.

PS it's a great spot if you want to enjoy some beers while eating, but you are not allowed to grab a drink unless you are sitting down for food.

What I recommend: While it is a preset menu, this is still an excellent spot if there are ANY allergies at all. Each preset menu has a dairy-free, meat-free, nut-free, egg-free, and gluten-free option. One thing that I absolutely adore about Disney is the amount of effort they put into making sure every kid (or person in general) has just as good of an experience as the next person.

Be Our Guest

Located in Fantasyland

This is such a cute addition to the parks! This opened just a few years ago when Disney expanded Fantasyland into what it is today. Although this is a hub for the smaller child-friendly rides, Be Our Guest is a fun stop for any age. The interior is extremely well thought-out, with fun, creative additions like technology that makes it seem like the dishware is serving you! Definitely make this a lunch or dinner spot if you want a little magic in your life. PS try “The Grey Stuff” dessert (like they sing about in the song “Be Our Guest”!), it truly IS delicious!

Cinderella's Royal Table

Located in Fantasyland

A lot of the years we visited during spring break, our time at Disney included Easter. A couple of times, we thought it might be fun to make this our formal Easter dinner spot. If you have ever dreamed about entering Cinderella's Castle, this is your opportunity! Located on the second floor of the actual castle, this gorgeous, stained glass restaurant is a perfect treat. Last time we were there, there was actually a proposal next to us during dinner! Although it may be one of the most sought after and expensive dinner spots in Disney World, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of meal that you won't regret!

Food Carts in Every Land

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, famous Turkey Legs, Coffee Carts, Popcorn Bucket, Mickey Pretzel, Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich - all of these are classic must-try snacks if you are at Magic Kingdom and need a little pick-me-up!

Have a Magical Time!

What other parks are you visiting on your trip?

Where to Eat in EPCOT

Any other suggestions? Let us know!

Written by Emi Lungmus

Photographed by Emi Lungmus

Edited by Anna McCarthy


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