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October 2020 Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. (Code)word Clothing

Why I recommend (code)word...

"Garments that Give."

Do you love traveling like me? Check.

Do you care about food like me? Check.

Do you love companies that devote themselves to helping others? CHECK.

(Code)word is a garment company that gives 30% of all of its proceeds to Feeding America, supporting the local food banks of the city that you are representing in your apparel. They have shirts, hats, sweatshirts and more, that are designed to show your area code, city code, state code, or — my favorite — airport code. Everything is super comfortable and I love the minimalist style. You can easily shop by your state and even donate directly! How wonderful is that?!

Explore all of their merchandise here:

Find them on Instagram @shopcodeword

2. Saal Digital Photobook

Why I recommend Saal Digital...

I was asked to do a trial order of Saal Digitals new Professional Line. I love a company that is continually trying to improve its interface and product. Of course, I accepted.

As you all know, I absolutely love taking pictures and working on creative projects. In addition, I love keeping my photos on display to look back at later. Each photo reminds me of a moment of happiness or discovery.

Saal Digital allows you to download its personal software while you create your photo book, with different options to automatically create each page for you OR completely design each page yourself. If you decide to use your own Adobe Suites instead, you can download your design straight into their software (I didn't try this, but saw the option!).

What a lovely way to reminisce — a nice coffee table book full of some of my favorite travels and eats!

Explore all of their merchandise here:

Find them on Instagram @saal_digital

3. Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays

Why I recommend Jet Lag Mask...

Two years ago, I received Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask for the holidays from a close family friend. It was just hitting "the scene" and blowing up in popularity. Why am I recommending it now? Well, I don't buy products for the hype, I buy what I love. My point: even though we aren't hearing about it from Kim Kardashian anymore, I still take it with me every time I travel.

Every flight, every long car ride (yes, my skin dries out tremendously on these trips too), and deep into winter, this mask will help your skin recover tremendously. You put on a light layer, and can sleep with it on. No need to wash it off, it's like a thick lotion that your skin will absorb.

Highly recommend!

Purchase the masks here:

Explore all of their merchandise here: Find them on Instagram @summerfridays

4. Flight Wine Bar, DC Restaurant

Why I recommend Flight Wine Bar...

Flight has been a pandemic go-to for me. It is located right in DC Chinatown, and for so long, I passed without even noticing this spot! Everyone there is amazing — the owners and those working. Truly, couldn't recommend it enough. It has been my absolute favorite the past couple of months!

PS it's a James Beard Semifinalist for Outstanding Wine Program 2020. Score.

A bit about Flight Wine Bar...

"Flight opened in January of 2014 when the city had just a few wine bars. Owners and sommeliers, Kabir Amir and Swati Bose, have traveled the world selecting the wine for their robust wine list consisting of over 600 wines in various formats including 22 wine flights and 35+ wines by the glass. We focus on small, family-owned estates, and lesser known varietals and regions.

The space is warm and softly lit, and our staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. We look forward to hosting you soon. Reservations recommended though walk-ins are always welcome."

Explore the menu here:

Make reservations here:

Want to order to enjoy at home? Order here:

Find them on Instagram @flightwinebardc

5. Rock the Vote

& Registering to Vote

Why this is important...

If you are an American, it is more important than ever to register to vote!

You deserve to have your voice heard, and voting is the best way to help change policies that you care about.

Rock the Vote is a super user-friendly site that can help you register and be set on November 3rd (or earlier, If you choose to safely vote by mail) to vote!

Register here:

Find them on Instagram @rockthevote


Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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