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September 2020 Favorites

Some of my favorite things this month...

1. Liquid I.V.

Discount code: MEAT.ONHERBONES

for 25% off your order

Why I Recommend Liquid I.V...

• 1 stick of Liquid I.V. can provide 2-3x the hydration of water alone.

• Each packet has 3x the electrolytes of sugary sports drinks.

• They come in convenient, travel-friendly, single-serving packets that you can take ANYWHERE.

• They also have coffee replacement packets (essential for traveling when you don't know when you'll find your next coffeeshop) and sleep aid packets (helloo long flights).

• MOST IMPORTANTLY: I love Liquid I.V. because of all they do to give back. For each purchase, they donate a serving of Liquid I.V. to someone in need around the globe. To date, they surpassed 5 million servings donated globally. In addition, they donated over 2.3 million sticks around the country to support all the frontline workers battling COVID-19.

Use the discount code "MEAT.ONHERBONES" above for 25% off your order!

Find them on Instagram @liquidiv

2. Zoppen Travel Wallet

Why I Recommend Zoppen Travel Wallet...

Years ago, I was traveling with my sister and she pulled out this gorgeous wallet. Knowing her taste and style, I immediately figured it must be hundreds of dollars. I soon found out that she actually found it on Amazon! Costing only $14.99 and coming in over a dozen colors, this wallet is an excellent travel companion. Often, I only pack this wallet and then a small credit card/money clip for when I want to carry a small purse. This wallet has gone on every trip with me for the past 4 years, and still looks brand new.

Plus, it's cute and big enough to double as a formal clutch on your trip!

Purchase Zoppen Travel Wallet here: Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel/Passport Wallet

4. Allbirds Shoes

Why I Recommend Allbirds...

This past December, my mom decided Allbirds would be a great present for the whole family. My parents were traveling to the Galapagos, I was traveling to New Zealand, my sister was traveling to Brazil, and my brother was working in Nashville as a musician on his feet all day. All 5 of us received a different colorful pair for our 2020 ventures. Luckily, we all got these trips in right before COVID took over, and we all wore our shoes the entire time. I have the high top Women's Wool Runner-Up Mizzles, which are water resistant and made with merino wool. My feet stayed dry, warm, and comfortable as we explored the New Zealand mountains. After the trip I simply threw them in the washer and they looked like they were brand new.

Little did I know that these shoes would be a godsend during COVID. The way I have coped with all the coronavirus happenings of the world is by making sure I am getting fresh air and exercise. It has helped my mental and physically health tremendously during this time. I have worn these everyday during my long walks and never once have my feet felt tired. They have really kept me going!

Find them on Instagram @allbirds

4. Convivial, DC Restaurant

Why I Recommend Convivial...

We tried their new brunch menu and loved it!

They did such a wonderful job of keeping us feeling safe during COVID as we enjoyed our meal and drinks outside.

A bit about Convivial...

"Chef Cedric opened Convivial in November 2015 to accolades and rave reviews. The menu has evolved to be reminiscent of the bistro fare found on the streets of the French towns in which Chef grew up. Those looking for a quick meal can enjoy bites at the bar, which offers happy hour pricing at different times depending on the day of the week. Although the restaurant is distinctly French at dinner, guests can indulge in "Brunch Américaine" Saturdays & Sundays. Lunch is a perfect medium of the American classics from the brunch menu and the French fare of dinner."

Explore the menu here:

Make reservations here:

Want to order to enjoy at home? Order here:

Find them on Instagram @convivialrestaurant

5. World Central Kitchen &

Lebanon Relief

Why I Recommend World Central Kitchen...

José Andrés is my favorite chef and has made such a huge difference in the DC restaurant scene. Not only are his restaurants some of my top picks, he has a wonderful heart that believes in giving back to the world. He founded the organization World Central Kitchen, which provides food and disaster relief all over the world. Not only have they done tremendous things during COVID to help those in need, they recently traveled to Beirut to help those in need in Lebanon. If you are looking for an organization to donate to, look no further.

Make a donation here:

Learn more about World Central Kitchen:

Find them on Instagram @wckitchen


Let me know what some of your favorites are.


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